Gulf investors set to meet in Antalya next week
Gulf investors set to meet in Antalya next week
1651 defa okunmuş - 19 Kasım 2016 - Cumartesi 13:24

Turkey is getting ready to host another important event that will draw investors, academics and journalists from Gulf, Arabic, European, South African, Latin American and Asian countries. Organized by the Turkish Arab Association for Economic and Strategic Cooperation (TASCA), the second International TASCA Forum "Cooperation and Development" is scheduled to take place in Antalya between Dec. 20 and 24 with the participation of more than 300 attendees from 27 countries around the globe. The world's most prominent businessmen, members of NGOs, academics, media, think-tank and research institutions will travel to Antalya to attend the international event. The Forum will lay the groundwork for new opportunities in Turkey's economy and business world as well as provide opportunities for import and export and form new financial, social and cultural partnerships.

TASCA operates to attract businessmen, academicians, journalists and international media institutions of the Islamic world to Anatolia. The aim is to form new associations and partnerships to pave the way for new developments in the Turkic and Islamic worlds. The forum, which is planned to take place in Antalya, will greatly contribute to the promotion of Turkey's financial, commercial and cultural richness to Islamic countries as well as improving investments.

TASCA President Dr. Muhammed Adil offered insights into the upcoming Second International TASCA Forum and said: "We want to strengthen the cooperation between Turkey and the Islamic world by making the Islamic world feel Turkey's presence strongly, making new friends and above all being able to inform people about the failed coup attempt that took place on July 15."

TASCA Vice President Hayrettin Turan also added: "We are organizing conferences in various regions of Turkey and Islamic countries. We analyze business and investment opportunities in Turkey by inviting investors, especially from Arab countries. Inviting investors, journalists and academics from various countries to the forum will contribute to strengthening the culture of cooperation and partnership."

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